Starting on Friday February 2nd column reinforcement work will commence in on the P3 and P4 levels of the Parking Garage of 29 Queens Quay. This work is a necessary part of the build out of the Phase 3 tower at Pier 27.

Unfortunately this necessary work will be a short-term inconvenience for those in 29 Queens Quay who use parking spots 1 through 12 in the P3 and P4 levels, however alternative parking spots have been provided on the P2 level:  

  • This will affect Parking Spaces 1 through 12 on the P3 and P4 levels.
  • Cars in those spaces will have to be removed by or before 7 am on Friday, February 2nd.
  • These parking spaces will have to remain vacant for through Friday, February 10th. 
  • Alternative parking spots for the affected residents is being provided in the commercial parking area on P2.
  • Property Management for 29 Queens Quay is sending notices to the affected residents. 

If there are further updates we will post them here. If you have questions please contact Property Management at 29 Queens Quay or send us an email at