REMINDER: this Monday, February 12  power will be shut down in 29 Queens Quay from 8 am to 10 pm.

This shut down is  necessary to enable the setup of the permanent power supply for the Pier 27 Phase 3 tower, 15 Queens Quay East. The construction management team apologizes for this inconvenience and has provided advance notice to your property manager, Board of Directors and through this website. 

The electrical work that will be done during the temporary power shutdown is in compliance with the original Pier 27 electrical power delivery design. This permanent solution will replace the temporary setup and ensure safe, separately metered power for Phase 3.

During the power shut down emergency lights be on in the hallways, stairwells, and the lobby. 1 elevator per tower will be in service. Power will remain on in the parking garage levels.

To help residents prepare please note the following links to food storage and safety guidelines:

Download the updated, printable PDF notice: Updated Notice of Power Outage – Feb 12 – 29 Queens Quay E