This week concrete pours continue for the second and third floors continue; and the first concrete pours for the fourth floor will begin week, such as:

  1. Second floor deck pours Monday through Friday.
  2. Third floor deck pours Monday and Tuesday.
  3. Vertical columns from the third floor to the fourth floor, Monday thru Wednesday.
  4. Work on the third floor slab, Wednesday thru Friday.
  5. Fourth deck pours Monday through Friday.

There will also be work in the Phase 3 underground levels:

  1.  On level P1 there will be:
    • Grinding,
    • Installation of Light Fixtures,
    • Installation of sprinkler pipes, and
    • Wiring installation.
  2. On level P2 there will be:
    • Installation of sprinkler pipes, and
    • the installation of drains.
  3. On Level P4 there will be:
    • The installation of block walls.

In the P2 level of 29 Queen’s Quay there will be some general construction housekeeping work and the on Thursday and Friday, the forming for concrete columns related to the construction of the Phase 3 tower.

Please check back here for any updates through the week. If you have questions about this construction work, please email us at