29 Queens Quay Parking Garage.

Work continues again this week in the mechanical room of the 29 Queens Quay parking garage. It is expected that this work, will continue through Thursday, April 5. 

Two supporting columns in the mechanical room are being reinforced to strengthen them, as they are under what will be the southern portion of the podium of the new Phase 3 Tower. 

New concrete is being poured, the columns will then be finished, with the forming shown in this picture removed. Once completed, all work related to Phase 3 in the mechanical room will be  done.  

NOTE: On Tuesday, April 3, crews will be running technical cables from electrical room into the P2 parking level.

Clean-up of the mechanical room and adjacent parking areas will occur on Thursday, April 5 and Friday, April 6.


Phase 3 Tower and site work

Concrete activity continues this week:

  1. Finishing level 2 concrete slab and vertical columns over the next few days.

  2. Continue to form level 3 level 2 is finished off. This will continue over the next two weeks.

  3. Begin to pour a concrete topping slab in the Phase 3 courtyard to the east of the Phase 3 tower. 

Please check back here for any updates through the week. If you have questions about this construction work, please email us at pier27construction.info

Work to removal the existing drive aisle slab adjacent the 29 Queens quay parking garage ramp will now commence the week of April 16 – 20.