Phase 3 Tower Construction Overview

This week concrete work on the tower will progress to the fifth and sixth floors. This will include concrete pours for floor slabs and vertical columns.

It is expected that all concrete work will be completed within normal weekday construction hours, that is between 7 am and 7 pm. If there is any requirement for later work we will post notifications in advance here and advise property management. 



Work on the 29 Queens Quay roundabout

Work to replace the concrete on the fenced off section  the 29 Queens Quay roundabout will continue this week. New concrete will begin being poured this week.

Seven (7) days after the new concrete is completed, water proofing will commence. 

Following water proofing this section of the roundabout will be graded and existing pavers will be reinstalled. 

It is expected that public access to the roundabout will be ready by late May or early June.