Phase 3 Tower

This week concrete work will proceed on the 5th and 6th levels of the podium. Both floor slab and vertical columns will be poured on the 5th level and on the the southern portion of the 6th level. 

Wooden forming panels will be moved up a level as work is completed on the level under construction. 

Please check back for further updates. 

29 Queens Quay Roundabout

The new concrete slab for the western portion of the 29 Queens Quay roundabout has been completed.

 This week the slab will be waterproofed. It takes approximately 1 week for the waterproofing to be set. 

Once the waterproofing is completed, the pavers that were on the roundabout will be put back in place. 

It is expected that the roundabout will reopen to resident use by early June. 

We will provide updates here as they become available.