Phase 3 Tower

This week the 8th floor of the Phase 3 tower will be complete. Forming work on the 9th floor will continue. On Monday there will be a concrete pump in the west parking lot, pouring part of the 9th floor slab. Also this week, a speed fan will be installed on the 4th floor at the south east corner of the tower, nearby the west tower of 29 Queens Quay. This fan will be attached to the slab edge of the 4th floor and extends 12 feet out from there. It will protect the roundabout after the work the paving work is  completed and the roadway reopens for use by residents at 29 Queens Quay, The speed fan acts as a large net to catch any debris that may fall from above. There will also be overhead protection installed. 

29 Queens Quay Roundabout

Work on restoring the 29 Queens Quay roundabout is making significant progress. A majority of the pavers have been cleaned and placed in the roundabout. Work continues this week with the goal of having the paving fully retired by the end of the month.