Work in the 29 Queens Quay Parking Garage


An element of the construction of the Phase 3 Tower at Pier 27, the Phase 3 underground garage needs to be connected via secure vestibules to the existing 29 Queens Quay garage on levels P1, P2, and P3. This work has been part of the original plan for the whole Pier 27 development. 

Work will commence on Tuesday, July 24th  on P4, P3 and P2.  Construction crews will deliver material to all three areas and begin working in sequential order.  Work in all three areas should be complete by July 30th. 

The work will take place adjacent to the north west visitor parking spot on Level P2, P2 parking spot 6, and PS parking spot 6. The affected residents have been contacted and are being provided alternative parking spaces for the duration of the work. 

Construction crews will ensure that the areas are kept clean and cautioned off from the public at the end of each day. We will provided updates as necessary during the construction period.

The construction team will endeavour to minimize the width of the protective walls, to prevent access to the Phase 3 underground garage during active construction. These walls will be left in place after July 30th so these walls do not encroach any of the parking spots. We will provide updates on the feasibility of this as work progresses. 

If parking spots are encroached upon, they will not be available for use for approximately 12 months.