Phase 3 Tower


Concrete pours continue on the 10th floor and move to the 11th floor of the Phase Three tower this week

10th floor 

  • Pouring vertical columns from the 1oth to 11th floors.

11th Floor

  • Slab concrete pours begin and continue throughout the week.
  • Pouring vertical columns from the 11th to 12th floors.


29 Queens Quay Roundabout

Work continues to repair and improve the concrete slab under the western portion of the 29 Queens Quay Roundabout. 

This will provide a secure and reinforced structure under the waterproof barrier and reinstalled pavers. 

Because of the extent of the repairs required, it is expected that the Roundabout will not be returned for use to residents and visitors to 29 Queens Quay until September. 

We will update the expected date of completion as the work progresses. 

For information on the work in the 29 Queens Quay East parking garage  that is commencing this week, please click here.