Phase 3 Tower


Concrete pours continue on the 11th floor of the Phase Three tower this week

11th Floor

  • Slab concrete pours begin and continue throughout the week.
  • Pouring vertical columns from the 11th to 12th floors.

29 Queens Quay Roundabout

The fully rebuilt concrete slab under the western portion of the 29 Queens Quay Roundabout is now complete. Waterproofing has also been installed. Over the coming weeks new pavers will be installed.

It is expected that the Roundabout will not be returned for use to residents and visitors to 29 Queens Quay until September. 

We will update the expected date of completion as the work progresses. 

29 Queens Quay Parking Garage

The work that required access to the parking spaces on P2, P3 and P4 was successfully completed last week. The fire-rated walls are now in place and will remain so until the vestibule construction is completed and the adjoining Phase 3 garage is ready to be in use. 

While the parking spots are not encroached upon, the walls are right up to the parking spot markings, restricting vehicle egress on either the driver or passenger side. 

Construction management will review the viability of opening these spaces up to visitor or resident use with the property management staff of 29 Queens Quay. If it is decided they should remain off-limits, it is likely they will remain so for the next 12 months, approximately. 

Once the Phase 3 Parking Garage is completed and ready for use, these temporary walls will be removed and locked doors and glass panels will replace them, similar to the the existing glass walls and access doors in the 29 Queens Quay garage, as pictured below.