Phase 3 Tower overview for the week

  • The installation of the initial phase of the hoist — the external construction elevator — has been completed and pending its formal inspection on Monday, September 10, it is expected to be in use this coming week. 

Ground Floor

  • Install Plumbing / Heating

4th Floor

  • Installing windows

14th Floor

  • Slab pour and finishing
  • Stressing
  • Vertical columns from 14th to 15th floor


Concrete Pours this week

As we note on this site (please click here), continuous concrete pours, which include the pouring and the finishing of the concrete, are permitted to continue past 7 pm on weekdays if and when necessary. We expect this week that Wednesday’s scheduled concrete pour may continue into the evening. 

Once we have specific information on the details of the concrete work and its timing we will post an update here, prior to the work commencing.