Phase 3 Tower overview for the week – UPDATED

This week work will reach the 17th floor of the Phase 3 tower. A mix of internal and external work will occur on the lower floors, with concrete work focussed on the 16th floor and the initial columns to the 17th floor.

The major concrete pour scheduled for Monday, October 1, has been cancelled due to rain and is now scheduled for Tuesday, October 2. It is likely that may run late into the evening however every effort will be made to finish the work as early as possible. If there are further changes to this concrete pour, we will update this site as early as we have new information and circulate it to property management.

In order to ensure the structural integrity of the building, continuous concrete pours cannot be interrupted. As well the City of Toronto Construction Noise By-Law permits concrete pours to continue outside standard (e.g. after 7 pm) work hours. For more information please click here.


Detail of tower work this week

3rd Floor

  • Install outside wall track/corridor track
  • Layout of corridor and mock-up suites

6th Floor

  • Install firestopping/foam vent boxes

16th Floor

  • Slab concrete pour and concrete finishing
  • Vertical column pours from the 16th to 17th floors

17th Floor

  • Preparing for the first slab pour on the 17th floor