Phase 3 Tower overview for the week 

This week work concrete will continue on the the 17th floor of the Phase 3 tower. A mix of internal and external work will occur on the lower floors, with concrete work focussed on preparing for and executing the slab pour for the 17th floor. 

This week’s major concrete pour is scheduled for Thursday, October 11. It is likely that the critical work of concrete finishing will run late into the evening however every effort will be made to finish the work as early as possible.

We expect work onsite for Saturday, October 13 which we will detail later this week.

In order to ensure the structural integrity of the building, continuous concrete pours cannot be interrupted. As well the City of Toronto Construction Noise By-Law permits concrete pours to continue outside standard (e.g. after 7 pm) work hours. For more information please click here


Detail of tower work this week

4th Floor

  • Install outside wall track/corridor track
  • Layout of corridor and mock-up suites

17th Floor

  • Preparing for and completing the slab pour on the 17th floor

A note on the 29 Queens Quay roundabout

Construction management recently met with the Board President and Property Management of 29 Queens Quay East. One of the topics discussed was the western section of the roundabout. While it was hoped that the roundabout would be returned for use by 29 Queens Quay East, during the delay of work on the roundabout this past summer, due to the need to reinforce the underlying concrete, a thorough safety review was undertaken in respect to the impact of exterior work on the tower over the next year. It has been determined that the safety conditions due primarily to overhead work do not permit the roundabout to be in use by residents and visitors until this work is completed. This will mean that the western segment of the roundabout will remain a construction zone until late spring 2019. In closing, the occupation of this segment of the roundabout is in full compliance with the shared facilities agreement between the condominium and the developers.