Phase 3 Tower overview for the week

Concrete being lifted to the 18th floor

This week concrete work for the 19th floor will get underway.  However, at this time we the major concrete slab pour for the 19th floor is not expected until Monday, October 29. If this changes we will post and circulate an update.  Through the week a mix of internal and external work will occur on the lower floors, with concrete work focussed on completing the vertical columns from the 18th to the 19th floor. 

Also starting on Monday the 29th, a concrete pump will begin being used to transport concrete to the upper floors of the tower. This will replace the use of the crane-lifted bucket. The concrete pump will make the concrete pours more efficient, reducing the time it takes to complete each pour.

We expect work onsite for Saturday, October 27 which we will detail later this week.

Looking ahead, we note that the southern crane, situated closest to 29 Queens Quay East is scheduled to come down prior to the Holidays in December. We will post the precise timing of this at a later date. 

Concrete pump scheduled to be in use from October 22 onwards

Detail of tower work this week

3rd Floor

  • Work on stairwells, shafts and electrical closets

8th Floor

  • Install firestopping/foam vent boxes

18th Floor

  • Stressing concrete
  • Vertical columns from the 18th to 19th floor

19th Floor

  • Preparing for the slab pour scheduled for October 22

Ground level exterior

  • Activating the concrete pump


Interior and podium work

Work is progressing on all the podium floors. Window installation is progressing on the lower floors. Electrical and plumbing installation is well underway. And the pool deck on the 12th floor is been fully formed. We will check in future as work progresses. 

Concrete being lifted past the 10th floor interior
The 12th floor outdoor pool