Concrete pour all day

Concrete pump

The main slab concrete pour for the 19th floor is scheduled for this Monday, October 29. 

This pour and subsequent pours will be using the concrete pump that is located just east of the Phase 3 tower. 

Concrete is pumped through a metal pipe that runs from the pump to the east face of the tower and then up through the interior to the current top of the building. Additional piping will be added as the building rises. This permits faster and more efficient concrete pours.

We note as a reminder, that concrete finishing still must occur subsequent to the initial pour. Finishing is a time consuming and essential part of the concrete process, vital to the structural integrity of the finished concrete. 

While it is hoped that the Monday’s concrete work will be completed earlier than previous pours, factors such as weather continue to influence the time the work takes to complete. Therefore we do expect that Monday’s work will continue into the evening, past 7 pm. 


The concrete pipe running from the pump into the tower and up through the floors of the building.

We will post an overview of the rest of the week’s construction activities by or before 7 am Tuesday, October 30.