Phase 3 Tower overview for the week

Last week’s week 21st floor concrete slab pour originally scheduled for November 15th was delayed and is now scheduled for this Tuesday, November 20, weather permitting. Following Tuesday’s slab pour, crews will begin pouring concrete for walls and columns from the 21st to the 22nd floor on Wednesday.

Window installation is  scheduled to begin on the 11th floor this week.

As well the hoist (external elevator) is scheduled to be raised to the 19th floor. 

As with this last week’s 20th floor slab pour, the concrete pump will be used to transport concrete up to the 21st floor level. 

As in weeks past,  inclement weather may necessitate rescheduling concrete work. We will post updates if significant work has to be rescheduled. 

This week’s interior work is focussed primarily on framing and laying out suites, drywalling, and electrical work on the lower podium floors. 

Details of this week’s construction work

Ground Level 

  • Concrete block installation
  • General housekeeping

Podium Level Floors

  • Work on stairwells, shafts and electrical closets
  • General electrical work
  • Installing risers and garbage chutes
  • Unit layout and framing
  • Drywall installation

11th Floor

  • Installing windows

21st Floor

  • Slab concrete pour and concrete finishing

22nd Floor

  • Pouring concrete for walls and columns from the 21st to the 22nd floor

Saturday work on November 24

  • We will provide details on Saturday’s planned work later in the week.