Phase 3 Tower overview for the week

This week’s major concrete pour for the slab on the 22nd floor is now scheduled for this Wednesday, November 28, weather permitting. Following Wednesday’s slab pour, crews will begin pouring concrete for walls and columns from the 22nd to the 23rd floor on Thursday and Friday.

Window installation is  scheduled to begin on the 12th floor this week.

As well the hoist (external elevator) is scheduled to be raised to the 18th floor, delayed from last week as weather conditions did not permit the elevator to be raised.  

As with this last week’s 21st floor slab pour, the concrete pump will be used to transport concrete up to the 22nd floor level. 

As in weeks past,  inclement weather may necessitate rescheduling concrete work. We will post updates if significant work has to be rescheduled. 

This week’s interior work is focussed on ongoing framing, drywalling, and electrical work on the lower podium floors. 


We will provide updates this week if there are any significant changes to the construction schedule du to inclement weather. 

We expect that there will be regular Saturday work on December 1. We will post details of this work on Friday, November 30.