UPDATED – Phase 3 Tower overview for the week

This week work at the Pier 27 Phase 3 tower will begin on forming and pouring columns rising from the 25th floor to the 26th floor. 

Large crane work will involve flying the forming tables to the top of the tower and lowering them once they are finished being used. Concrete pours for the columns are expected to occur within normal construction hours. However, the next major slab pour and accompanying finishing will, as has been standard throughout construction, require a full day and evening to complete. 

Saturday, January 19

There will be crews on site from 9 am working on windows and suite interiors. External work will be weather permitting. If the cold is too extreme external work may be cancelled. 

UPDATE – 26th floor concrete slab pour

The next major slab concrete pour will, weather permitting, occur on Monday, January 21, starting at 8 am with concrete finishing going into the late evening. 

Work on the lower flows of the podium will see continued framing, drywall and electrical work through the week. There will be deliveries through the week to support this work. 

Work will also continue, weather permitting, on the podium exterior with window and railing installation.