UDATED Jan 21/19
Phase 3 Tower overview for the week.

This week’s scheduled to major 26th floor concrete pour has been rescheduled from today, Monday’s 26th, to Tuesday, January 22nd due to the extreme cold and windchill values. As we noted before,  work is weather dependent. Further schedule changes may be necessary and we will be update this site accordingly.

NOTE: While the concrete used during the winter is treated to permit it to flow even during the cold weather, it may be determined that the conditions are too cold to proceed with pouring and/or finishing. If the pour is cancelled we will update this website with the rescheduled date.

The balance of the week will see work beginning on forming and pouring columns that will run from the 26th to the 27th floor.

On the interior, work continues throughout the podium floors on framing, drywall, and electrical and plumbing work.

We will doing a midweek update with further details on the balance of the week, and work that is planned for Saturday, January 26. Please check back.