Saturday work on site at Pier 27

There will be large crane and concrete work on site on Saturday, January 26 from 9 am. The recent weather has continued to complicate construction. Regular concrete pours are taking longer given the extreme and variable temperatures. As well the forecast for the beginning of next week is for serious cold and snow which will further complicate the work at Phase 3. 

As well, this Saturday, trades will be on site working on the interior of the podium floors: framing, drywall installation and ongoing electrical work will continue through the day.

Look ahead to next week

The 27th floor slab concrete pour is currently scheduled for next Thursday, January 31. However, given the prospect of extreme cold and snow in the forecast for the first half of next week this may change. We will provide our normal week schedule by or before 7 am, Monday. January 28 but it will be subject to change and updates. 

Interior work continues at a steady pace. Kitchens are scheduled to begin being installed on the lower floors next week. Hardwood flooring is also set to begin on the 2nd floor. Ongoing framing and drywall work continues throughout the podium, working up from the lower floors to the upper floors. 

Window and railing work is ongoing on the exterior with windows now installed to the 18th floor. 

Please check back for our updates on Monday and throughout next week.