UPDATED: Phase 3 Construction Overview

The planned one-hour shutdown of the main transformer at Pier 27 for Thursday, January 31 from 2 pm to 3 pm, was rescheduled to Wednesday, February 6 – please click here for details.


This week’s construction focus at Pier 27 will be on preparing the for the 27th floor concrete slab pour. The slab pour that was tentatively scheduled for Thursday, January 31 or Friday, February 2, will likely now occur on Monday, February 4. Given the weather outlook for the week to begin with extreme cold on Monday morning followed by significant snow fall on through the day, and then more extreme cold on Wednesday and Thursday, the planned schedule may again need to be significantly revised. 

We will post updates here and circulate notices to those who are on our current email list. If you wish to receive notices of our updates please email us at contact@pier27construction.info


Interior work at Pier 27 Phase 3 continues throughout the week. Kitchen appliances and hardwood floors are scheduled to begin being installed in the model suites this week, on the second floor. 

Framing, drywall, electrical and plumbing work will continue throughout the podium levels of the building. 

Windows and railings will be installed on the upper floors: windows are scheduled to be installed on the 19th floor, weather permitting. 

Later this week we will post details of the work planned for Saturday, February, 2. Depending on weather conditions, this week, concrete work may be necessary on on the 2nd. Again, we will provide these details once we have them. Please check back regularly for updates.