Recap for the week of Feb 11 – 15, 2019

This past week, February 11 – 15, was scheduled to see the concrete pour for 28th floor of the Phase tower. In fact, concrete work for the 28th floor had already been rescheduled from the previous week. Weather events both this past week and the previous week played havoc wth the schedule. Snow and ice conditions were entirely unfavourable to proceeding with the exterior concrete pours and concrete finishing. 

On a positive note, as it is unaffected by weather conditions, work on the podium interiors continued on pace through the week. Window and railing installation was also able to proceed largely on schedule. 

Saturday work February 16, 2019

There will work on-site at Phase 3 this Saturday from 9 am onwards. 

Similarly to last week, work will on the exterior of the building will include:

  • Railing installation, and
  • Window installation. 

Interior work will focus on:

  • Framing,
  • Levelling floors,
  • Drywall installation, and
  • Electrical work.

Look ahead for the week of February 18 – 23


The look ahead weather forecast for the week of the 18th promises normal and largely sunny winter weather. As such it is anticipated that work on forming, preparation and pouring concrete on the Phase 3 tower will proceed as scheduled. 

The 28th floor concrete slap pour and finishing is now set for Thursday, February 21. As with previous floor slab concrete work, it is expected that the concrete pour will be completed by the early to mid afternoon, with the concrete finishing continuing into the evening. 

If there are any changes to this planned schedule we will post and circulate these updates. 

* * * 

NOTE: We are shifting our information posting to provide a more detailed Friday afternoon recap and look ahead. This will be followed by an update to be scheduled by or before , 7 am Tuesday mornings. Any feedback on this shift would be appreciated, please let us know at: