Wednesday Feb 27 recap

Given the snowstorm today, February 27, concrete work as suspended. 

Drywall, electrical work, floor levelling and framing  continued in the podium and lower tower levels. 

Work for the balance of the week

With mostly clear skies forecast for Thursday and Friday, exterior work is set to resume. 

Work will continue to prepare for the 29th floor slab concrete pour. However, the slab pour is now set to occur on Monday, March 4, not on Friday as originally scheduled. 

Saturday, March 2

There will work on-site at Phase 3 this Saturday, March 2, from 9 am onwards. 

Similarly to last week, exterior work will include:

  • Railing installation,
  • Window installation, and
  • General site housekeeping,

And, interior work will focus on:

  • Framing,
  • Levelling floors,
  • Drywall installation, and
  • Electrical work.