3 Day look ahead for Pier 27 Phase 3


The 30th floor slab concrete pour remains on schedule for Friday March 15. Work will run from the morning through the evening to complete the pour and the accompanying concrete finishing. 

The raising of the hoist (external elevator) to the 26th floor is scheduled to be completed on Friday.

Bathrooms and kitchen installation is underway on the 2nd floor and will move to higher floors from there. 

Windows and railings are being installed on the tower floors, with work continuing through the week and next. 


29 Queens Quay Mechanical Room Work

Thursday, March 14, work will again occur to connect the 29 Queens Quay mechanical room to Phase 3. There will be drilling through the connecting wall. 

This work is part of the shared services agreement and should cause no interruptions of disruptions to the normal operation of the physical plant at 29 Queens Quay. 


Saturday Work March 16

General housekeeping work on site. 

Opening wall forms on the 29th floor starting at 9 AM.

Installing railings. 

Interior work on the podium suites.