Construction at Pier 27 Phase 3 continues to advance. Better weather has been a boon to all the exterior construction work. Window and railing installation is proceeding steadily.

  • Preparations are continuing at the top of the tower for the 31st floor concrete slab pour on Monday, March 25.
  • The hoist (external elevator) has now been raised to the 26th floor. 
  • Windows have been installed up the 22nd floor. 
  • The glass curtain wall on the ground floor has been substantially completed. Louvers will begin being installed soon. 
  • Kitchens have been installed on the 2nd floor. 
  • Suite layouts are complete to the 9th floor. 

Saturday Work March 23

Crews will be on site from 9 am.

General housekeeping work on site. 

Interior drywal and suite work.

Installing railings. 

Installing windows.

NOTE: Our next update will be posted by or before 7 am Monday, March 25.