This week at Pier 27 Phase 3 kicks off with the 31st floor concrete slab pour on Monday morning. 

As with past major slab pours, concrete work will begin in the morning and continue through the afternoon. 

The critical secondary phase of concrete finishing will continue into the evening. Work will be completed as soon as it is satisfactorily and safely possible to do so. 

Also this week on the exterior of the building: 

  • Window have been installation will continue this from the 23rd floor upwards. 
  • Louvers and additional glazing will be installed on the ground floor future retail areas.

Interior work will continue this week on a steady pace: 

  • Kitchens will being being installed on the 3rd floor.
  • Drywall in suites will get underway on the 7th and 8th floors.
  • Framing suites will continue from the 10th floor.
  • Framing the hallways is set to be completed on the 14th and move to the 15th floor.

We will post a midweek update on Wednesday afternoon, March 27.