Midweek Update

The 34th floor concrete pour was successfully completed today, April 23. Finishing work on the slab will continue into the evening. The next major slab pour is expected to occur on Friday May 3 for the 35th floor. 

Deliveries to the site are ongoing, bringing material and supplies for the interior work that is continuing from the 2nd floor through the 30th floor. Kitchens continue to installed and laundry equipment is beginning to be installed on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Suites are being framed and drywalled, with drywall work now reaching the 18th floor and above.

Railing installation continues from the 13th floor and above. Window installation continues from the 25th floor and above. 

Saturday Work April 27

Crews will be on site from 9 am.

General housekeeping work on site. 

Interior drywall and suite work.

Installing railings. 

Installing windows.

NOTE: Our next update will be posted by or before 7 am Monday, April 29.