Update: This week’s major 35th floor slab pour has been re-scheduled AGAIN for Wednesday May 8. Unexpected progress on Tuesday, May 7 led to a revised schedule for the concrete pour. The decision was made at the end of the workday on Tuesday.

NOTE: This is the final major slab pour prior to the mechanical penthouse levels. 

The concrete pour on May 8 will begin shortly after 7 AM and continue throughout the afternoon. Concrete finishing is expected to continue into the evening possibly as late as 11 pm or Midnight; though every effort will be made, within construction and safety standards, to complete the work as soon as possible. 

Also this week:

Suites are being framed and drywalled, with drywall work now reaching the 20th floor and above.

Railing installation continues from the 14th floor and above. Window installation continues from the 26th floor and above. 

Please note: that deliveries to the site are ongoing through the week.

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