Pier 27 Construction Overview
Week of May 13, 2019

Concrete work this week will focus on:

  • Pouring walls for the mechanical levels
  • Edges (curbs) for the roof level.

Interior work will focus on:

  • Continuing with framing and preparing for drywall on the 20th to 26th floors and above
  • Drywall work on the 15th floor and above.
  • Ongoing installation of kitchens and bathrooms from the 3rd floor and above. 

There will be deliveries throughout the week. 

Ongoing interior work at Pier 27, showing drywall installation and framing and insulation work. 

We will provide a midweek update which will include information on planned work for Saturday, May 18. 

If you wish to receive notices of our updates please contact us at contact@pier27construction.info