Pier 27 Midweek Update, May 15, 2019

Concrete work continues on the rooftop level as columns and walls are being formed and poured for the mechanical penthouse levels.

There are two slab floors to be poured for the two-level mechanical penthouse. Work at the rooftop level will continue for the coming two weeks.

Windows have been installed to the 26th level. Installation will now move to the 27th level and continue from there to the 35th floor. 

Balcony railings have been installed to the 15th level. Railing installation will move to the 16th level and continue from there over the coming weeks.

Saturday Work for May 18 from 9 AM:

  • Housekeeping work on site
  • Railings and balcony work
  • Interior suite work

There will be no work on site on Sunday May 19 or Victoria Day, Monday, May 20.

Our next update will be posted Tuesday, May 21 by or before 7 AM.  

If you wish to receive notices of our updates please contact us at contact@pier27construction.info

Note on reports of a ‘gas smell’ at 29 Queens Quay

We have heard from Property Management at 29 Queens Quay that there were reports of a ‘gas smell’ from residents. Construction management is willing to meet property management at 29 Queens Quay to discuss this and assist as they are able to determine the cause. 

We note that while a few natural gas heating units have been in use inside the Phase 3 tower, during colder days, there are no propane heaters in use on site. These natural gas heaters have been used throughout the winter and the colder days of the spring. The forklift on-site is powered by propane and has also been in use druing the entire construcion period.