This week at Pier 27 crews will be pouring the mezzanine level of the mechanical room on Wednesday, May 29.

Other exterior work continues through the week:

  • Installing windows on the 29th floor and above.
  • Railing installation on the 16th floor and above.

 Interior finishing is on-going:

  • 26th floor block layers installing shafts/stairwell enclosures
  • 14th floor suite framing
  • 11th floor suites roughed-in
  • 10th floor dry walling suites
  • 9th floor taping suites
  • 8th floor installing suite doors and tiles
  • 6th floor installing kitchens
  • 3rd floor installing hardwood

We will updates during the week if there are any significant changes to the work schedule. 

We will also post an update on work that may be planned for Saturday. June 1.