Utilities Servicing Update

GFL, the City of Toronto’s contractor for the utilities work (municipal sewer and water) has begun their work on Queens Quay at Freeland. They were not on site today, July 27. We await an update from them and hope to have more information by the end of next week.

We still expect that utilities work last the next 8-12 weeks, and will at times limit access to the shared Pier 27 driveway.

Saturday Work, July 27

Crews will be on-site Saturday from 9 am working on the interiors of the Phase 3 podium and tower. We do not expect this to have a significant impact. 

Look Ahead to the week of July 29

This coming week will see the beginning of exterior wall work on the mechanical penthouse level of the tower.

Drywall work on the top level will commence late next week, with attendant deliveries and some crane work to lift up materials. 

As was the case this past week, there will be occasional crane work to lift material and supplies to the higher levels of the building that cannot be taken up in the hoist (external service elevator). 

Crews will continue to remove and clean the ground floor area of the site of forming and contractor materials. 

Interior work continues throughout the building from the podium levels through the tower. 

Our next update will be on Friday, August 2. 

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