Phase 3

Steady progress was made this past week at Phase 3. Windows are substantially complete through to the 35th floor. Balcony railings have been installed to the 23rd floor. Balcony dividers are being installed on the 6th floor and have been completed through to the 5th floor. Appliances have been installed and suite finishings completed to the 6th floor of the podium. 

Next week work will resume on Tuesday, September 3 to continue installing railings and dividers on the balconies. Interior work will continue from the 7th floor throughout the podium and tower levels. 

On the west side of the building, steel support beams were installed for the canopy that will provide weather-protection along that face of the building.

The early phases of preparation are underway on the roundabout that connects to 29 Queens Quay East. However, paving material is not expected to be available to complete the roundabout until later in the fall. 

Crane removal 

Next week Friday, September 6, Saturday, September 7 and if necessary, Sunday, September 8, the crane will be removed from the tower section of Phase 3. This will be done on the west side of the building. Access will be through the parking lot. It should not have a significant impact on access to and from Pier 27. There will though be work through next weekend. 

Utilities Work

GFL, the City of Toronto’s selected contractor for the the installation of the municipal water and sewer uttilites was not on site this past week. We do not have an upate from them for the first week of September. Once we do have information on their next phases of work, we will post it here.

Questions about construction progress?

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We will post and circulate a midweek update on September 4. As always if there are significant changes to the construction schedule we will post and circulate them. 

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