Crane Removal

The tower crane will be removed this weekend, beginning Friday. 

Friday, September 6 – The mobile crane  that will be used to lower sections of the in-place tower crane, will be driven into the parking lot on the west side of the tower. This mobile crane is put together in pieces on site, 6-tractor trailers carrying pieces for the mobile crane – this will take approximately 8 hours. 

Saturday, September 7 – The take down of the tower crane will get underway, using the mobile crane. The tower crane will be removed in pieces and loaded onto tractor trailers – roughly 8 trailers. Following that, crews will pour concrete on the high roof where the tower crane was protruding through. The mobile crane will be used to bring the concrete to the top of the building. If there is enough time remaining after the concrete is poured, crews will dismantle the mobile crane.

Sunday, September 8 – If there is not enough time on Saturday to dismantle the mobile crane, this work will be done on Sunday.

Site work

Work is continuing through the building. Crews ar installing balcony dividers above the 6th floor. Balcony railings are being installed above the 27th floor. Suite work is continuing from the 9th floor and above. The steel structures for the elevators are in place. And work is continuing on the 12th floor outdoor amenity space. 

Utilities Work

We do not have an update from GFL, the City of Toronto’s selected contractor for the the installation of the municipal water and sewer uttilites. Once we do have information on their next phases of work, we will post it here.

Questions about construction progress?

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We will post and circulate a midweek update on September 4. As always if there are significant changes to the construction schedule we will post and circulate them. 

Please check back regularly for updates or contact us