Phase 3

Interior work is progressing steadily throughout the podium and tower with drywalling, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom installation. Drywall is being installed up to the 23rd floor. Suites are being framed on the 34th floor. Suites are substantially finished through the 8th floor of the podium

On the west side of the building work is nearing completion on the installation of the steel support beams for the canopy that will provide weather protection on the west face of the ground floor. 

Railings are being installed on the upper floors of the tower. Balcony dividers are being installed up to the 12th floor, and balconies are being painted on the upper tower floors. 

Saturday Work

Crews will be on site this Saturday, September 21, from 9 am to work on the interiors and conduct general housekeeping work on site.  

Utilities Work

GFL the City of Toronto’s contractor for the water and sewer utilities work resumed work on site this week. They will be working through the coming weeks to dig trenches and install sewer and water connections. We will post updates on their work when have them. 

Questions about construction progress?

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We will post and circulate our next update on Wednesday, September 25th. As always if there are significant changes to the construction schedule we will post and circulate them. 

Please check back regularly for updates or contact us