Phase 3

Interior work is progressing steadily throughout the podium and tower with drywalling, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom installation. Drywall is being installed in suites on the 24th floor, and is beginning to be installed on the in hallways on the 25th and 26th floors. Suites are being framed and prepared for drywall installation from the 27th floor and above. Suites are substantially finished through the 9th floor of the podium.

Railings are being installed on the upper floors of the tower. Balcony dividers are being installed up to the 10th floor. Balconies are being painted on the upper tower floors. 

Saturday Work

Crews will be on site on October 5, from 9 am to work on the interiors and conduct general housekeeping work on site.  

Utilities Work

GFL the City of Toronto’s contractor continues to ‘dewatering’ the trenches they have dug for the water and sewer utilities. An onsite pump is draining excess water from these areas. The generator for this pump has to run overnight and may make noise that is disturbing. GFL has committed to building a structure around it which should mitigate the noise. 

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