Phase 3 & Utilities Work


Utilities work on Saturday, November 9

GFL will be on site this Saturday, working on the Phase 3 utilities connections from 9 am. We expect they will be working on Queens Quay and on-site at Phase 3. 

Saturday Work November 9

There will be on-site deliveries, interior work and general site housekeeping from 9 am on Saturday through the afternoon. 

Canopy construction

The steel structure for the canopy on the north and west faces of the building is now complete. The next phase work will be installing the glass weather protection.

Balcony Glass & Dividers

The glass for the balcony railings are now installed up to the 28th floor. In the coming weeks glass will be through the 34th floors. Dividers are installed up to the 20th floor and installation will continue through December. 

29 Queens Quay Power Outage

A power outage has been scheduled in co-operation with property management at 29 Queens Quay for November 20 from 10 am to 2 pm.

GFL Utilities Work

GFL is continuing to work on Queens Quay East installing the new water main connection for Phase 3. They are also working in the sanitary sewer connection for Phase 3. This is complex work as there is a lot of existing underground infrastructure under Queens Quay; as well being close to the water table, ongoing pumping is required. 

Interior Interior Amenity Spaces

Work on the interior amenity spaces is progressing steadily on the podium levels of Phase 3. Flooring and final finishes remain to be completed in the coming weeks. 

Mechanical Penthouse

The first set of Louvers that will cover the blue waterproofing ‘skin’ on the mechanical penthouse have been installed on the west face of the building. Deliveries of the louvers continue this Friday and Saturday. The louvers are being raised to the roof via the hoists (external elevators). Installation will continue into December. 

Pedestrian Access

Additional signs are being installed soon to direct pedestrians to use the sidewalk on the east side of the driveway. We kindly ask pedestrians not to walk on the roadway beside the construction fence. 


Next Update

Our next scheduled update will be Wednesday, November 13, 2019. As always, we will post updates more frequently if there are changes to construction schedule. 

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