Updated: Utilities Work November 25 – December 3


24-hour work on Queens Quay 11/25 - 12/3

GFL, the contractors for the utilities work, have been given a permit by the City of Toronto to work 24 hours per day from November 11 through December 1 (and possibly till December 3) as they dig out Queens Quay in oder to lay the pipes for the sanitary sewer and storm sewer connections. This is necessary to maintain the integrity of the shoring that will support the road while it is excavated. It will also speed up the time it takes to complete the work. The map above shows the area of the main work. During the work 2 lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction. 

Water main work to be completed by Friday

GFL expects to have the water main work completed by Friday November, 22, in advance of next week’s work. If necessary they may work on Saturday. 

Saturday Phase 3 Work November 22

There will be on-site deliveries, interior work and general site housekeeping from 9 am on Saturday through the afternoon. 

Interior Work Progress

Work on the interior of the building is progressing steadily. Suites are substantailly finished through the 20th floor. Current work inside the building by floor: 

  • 34th Floor: building acoustic ceiling
  • 33rd Floor: suite layout
  • 32nd Floor: suite framing
  • 31st Floor: levelling floors
  • 30th Floor: suites roughed in – mechanical/electrical work
  • 29th FLoor: drywalling suites
  • 28th Floor: plastering suites
  • 27th Floor: first coat of paint in suites
  • 26th Floor: installing doors/frames and baseboard
  • 25th Floor: installing tiles in suites
  • 21st Floor: installing kitchens
  • 2nd to 20th Floors – suite finishes are being completed

Balcony Glass & Mechanical Penthouse

Balcony glass will be completed by end of this week with some exceptions. There are some missing glass panels and suite dividers which will be installed by end of December or sooner as may be possible. 

Parking Levels

Work on the parking levels continues with traffic topping: waterproofing and sealing the parking floor surfaces, as well as parking stall painting, and elevator lobby finishing. 

REMINDER: Pedestrian Access

We kindly remind pedestrians not to walk on the roadway beside the construction fence but to please use the sidewalk on the east side of the driveway to ensure everyone’s safety. 


Next Update - REVISED

Our next scheduled update will be Tuesday, November 26, 2019. As always, we will post updates more frequently if there are updates or changes to the construction schedule. 

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