Phase 3

The snow fall at the beginning of the week, and the snow forecast for this morning, will slow or prevent exterior work. Being weather-independent,  interior work is continuing steadily throughout the podium and tower with suites substantially completed to the 15th floor. Interior work will be the major focus of work in the coming week.

Work on the mechanical penthouse cladding is ongoing, weather permitting, with work on the west face of the penthouse being the most advanced. 

Saturday Work

Crews will be on site this Saturday, December 7, from 9 am to work on the interiors, balconies (weather permitting), and conduct general housekeeping work on site.  

Utilities Work

GFL the City of Toronto’s contractor will continue working on the sanitary sewer connection into the main site of Phase 3. We expect this work to continue into 3rd week of Decemeber. 

Questions about construction progress?

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We will post update early next week. As always if there are significant changes to the construction schedule we will post and circulate them. 

Please check back regularly for updates or contact us