Phase 3 & Utilities Work


GFL Utilities Current Work

GFL continues its work on the sanitary sewer connection for Phase 3 through this week and next. We expect they will continue their necessary lane occupation on the main access driveway until the work is completed. 

Saturday Work December 14

There will be on-site deliveries, interior work and general site housekeeping from 9 am on Saturday through the afternoon. 

Mechanical Penthouse Progress

Work on the mechanical penthouse has made significant progress. Louvers, covering the blue waterproofing ‘skin’, have been installed on the west, north and east faces of the mechanical penthouse

Western Walkway

The paving stones for the pedestrian walkway on the west side of Phase 3 are currently being installed. This walkway will border the future park that will replace the existing parking lot. Noting that he development park is the responsibility of the City of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto. 

GFL Utilities Work - Timeline

Our current information is that GFL will be working though December 20, when it is expected that their work will be completed. If we have any further updates we will post them and circulate them as soon as we have them. 

Interior Interior Amenity Spaces

Work on the interior amenity spaces is close to substantial completion steadily on the podium levels of Phase 3 with only some final finishes remaining.   

Mechanical Penthouse Next Steps

Work will continue to complete the cladding of the south face of the mechanical penthouse through January 2020.

Interior Suite Work

Suites are being finished from 12th floor through to the 34th floor. Drywall has reached the 30th floor and framing and preparation for drywall are  ongoing from the 31st floor through the 34th floor. 


Holiday Work Schedule

Work will continue through the holidays except for Statutory Holidays. While work will be limited between December 23 and January 2, we expect the site to be open, excluding Saturdays. We do not expect crews on site on Saturday, December 21, however if this changes we will provide those details in an update next week. 

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