Pier 27 site work update


GFL Right of Way Work

GFL crews have been working on excavation & clean cap back filling on the right of way on the northern edge of the site adjacent Queens Quay. The work is substantially complete on the west side of the site, north of the 15 Queens Quay East tower. 

Saturday Work January 19

There will be on-site focused on interior work and general site housekeeping, depending on the impact of the expectd snowfall. Work will be underway from 9 am on Saturday through the afternoon. 

Interior work is concentrated on floors 18 to 34 as work progresses to the planned occupancies from mid-March 2020 onwards through the spring and summer. 

Ramp Work

Crews are currently close to completing work on the on the parking garage access ramp [Ramp 3] for 15 Queens Quay. 


GFL work week of January 20

Starting on Monday work along the road widening and clean cap work will move east, north of the existing Sales Centre. We expect the main driveway into Pier 27 will be restricted to one lane from Monday, January 20 through Friday, January 24. Crews will manage traffic flows to minimize disruption.


Work is ongoing on the hardscaping on the west, east, and south side of the 15 Queens Quay East tower. This includes the initial stages of work on restoring the 29 Queens Quay roundabout. 



Work is ongoing, when weather permits, to complete the upper tower floor balconies. 


2020 Q1 and Q2 Construction Timeline (as of January 17, 2020)

As psoted at as posted at: https://pier27construction.info/pier-27-q1-q2-2020-construction-timeline/

December 16 – January 24: Completion of ramp to the 15 Queens Quay East underground garage.

December 16 – March 13: Completion of the pedestrian link to the Waterfront Toronto Parking Lot, on the west side of 15 Queens Quay East.

January 13 – January 29: Road Widening excavation & clean cap, along the northern section of the site adjacent Queens Quay East.

January 17 – February 18: Reinstatement of Building D [29 Queens Quay East] Valet & Roundabout.

February 1 – February 4: Construction of the pedestrian walkway adjacent 15 Queens Quay East.

February 19 – February 28: Reinstatement of Building D [29 Queens Quay East] Fire Route.

February 24 – March 6: Hoist [External construction elevator] removal from 15 Queens Quay East.

March 6 – May 31st: Commencement of remaining 15 Queens Quay East landscape work.

Spring 2020 – end of May: Reinstatement of Building D [29 Queens Quay East] Softscape (e.g. plantings). 

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