Date for Hoist Removal Set for February 24

The hoist–the external construction elevator–is set to be removed on Monday, February 24. This will be a complicated and multi-stage process but should not cause significant disruption for adjacent Pier 27 residents. Next week we will have more details on the work involved and its precise scheduling.

Leading up to the hoist’s removal, there may be an increase in deliver activity as contractors and suppliers use it over the next 2.5 weeks.

Saturday Work

Staff will be on site Saturday, February 8, from 9 am to work on the interiors and conduct general housekeeping work on site.  

Questions about construction progress?

Contact us at

We will post an an update on progress at 15 Queens Quay on Friday, February 7. As always if there are significant changes to the construction schedule we will post and circulate them. 

Please check back regularly for updates.