Construction progress at 15 Queens Quay has been moving ahead steadily.

  • Drywalling is complete up to the 31st floor, close to completion on the 32nd through 33rd floors and underway on the 34th floor.
  • Kitchens are now installed up to the 30th floor
  • Countertops are complete in all units up to the 29th floor
  • Plumbing is finished in all units up to the 13th floor.

Looking Ahead

  • The removal of the hoist–external construction elevator–will begin on February 24 and is expected to take two weeks to complete.
  • The 15 Queens Quay parking garage is substantially complete. Sealing and waterproofing is underway on the P1 Level and the P4 Level is ready for cleanup. The P2 and P3 Levels are complete. 
  • The corner cladding for the Mechanical Penthouse is expected to be complete by or before March 17
  • The 29 QQE and 15 QQE Roundabout is et to be completed by March 17.

We will have an update next week. Please check back regularly.

If you have questions about construction please contact us at: