Pier 27 15 Queens Quay Update

As a reminder, the hoist (external construction elevator) at 15 Queens Quay will begin being removed on Monday February 24. It is expected this will take up to two weeks to be completed.


Ramp Work

Crews are currently close to completing work on the on the parking garage access ramp [Ramp 3] for 15 Queens Quay. 


Hoist Suites

Drywalling is underway in the suites adjacent to the hoist. Windows have been installed on all the hoist suites. Once the hoist has been removed, work will get underway to finish these suites will be completed.

Interior Work: Amenity Spaces

The gym is now substantially complete. Gym equipment has been delvired and is now in place. Some finishing work remains prior to occupancy in Mid-March. 

29 Queens Quay Fire Route & Roundabout

Pavers have been put in place leading south to the currently open 29 Queens Quay Fire Route and Roundabout. However, some existing pavers need to be replaced and reset. Given the expected availability of the appropriate pavers, it is now expected that the Fire Route and Roundabout will be open in early March. 

Hardscape Landscaping

Work is now complete on the hardscape landscaping east of 15 Queens Quay and around the garage entrance. Work on the area now occupied by the hoist (external construction elevator) and the area north toward Queens Quay, will commence once the hoist is removed. 

Interior Work: Drywall

Drywalling is complete to the 34th floor. Work is ongoing to complete kitchens, bathrooms and suite finishing from the 14th floor up. 

2020 Q1 and Q2 Construction Timeline (as of February 24, 2020)

Updated as posted at: https://pier27construction.info/pier-27-q1-q2-2020-construction-timeline/

COMPLETED – December 16 – January 24: Completion of ramp to the 15 Queens Quay East underground garage.

COMPLETED – January 13 – January 29: Road widening excavation & clean cap, along the northern section of the site adjacent Queens Quay East.

COMPLETED – February 1 – February 4: Construction of the pedestrian walkway adjacent 15 Queens Quay East.

ONGOING – December 16 – March 13: Completion of the pedestrian link to the Waterfront Toronto Parking Lot, on the west side of 15 Queens Quay East.

February 24 – March 6: Hoist [External construction elevator] removal from 15 Queens Quay East.

March 6 – May 31st: Commencement of remaining 15 Queens Quay East landscape work.

March 17 : Reinstatement of Building D [29 Queens Quay East] Fire Route & Roundabout complete.

Spring 2020 – end of May: Reinstatement of Building D [29 Queens Quay East] Softscape (e.g. plantings). 

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