Pier 27 15 Queens Quay Update

There will be crews on-site Saturday, March 14 from 9 am, working on general housekeeping, hoist removal work, and interior suite finishing. The first move-ins at 15 Queens Quay are scheduled to begin next week as of Tuesday, March 17. 

Curbs on the 29 QQE Fire Route & Roundabout

Over the next two weeks the missing curbs on the 29 Queens Quay Fire Route and Roundabout will be installed.  

Hoist Suites

Drywalling is now complete in the suites that were adjacent to the hoist. Suite finishing is now underway. 

Hoist Platform

The loading platform at the base of the now removed hoist, is scheduled to be dismantled beginning on Monday, March 16. Once it is removed, landscaping will get underway in the area it occupied.  

Hoist Mast Removal

The mast sections from the hoist are scheduled to be removed the week of March 16.   

29 Queens Quay Fire Route & Roundabout

Beginning the week of March 16th, older pavers on the 29 Queens Quay East roundabout and fire route will be replaced with new pavers. During the work there will be necessary short-term interruptions to access to parts of the roundabout. The roundabout affected sections will be re-opened daily, once the work is completed and full access will be in place overnight.

Hardscape Landscaping

Work is now complete on the hardscape landscaping between 29 and 15 Queens Quay East. This will, once the fencing comes down, provide access to the west side of 15 Queens Quay and the Waterfront Toronto owned parking lot, which is the site of a future park to be developed by Waterfront Toronto and the City of Toronto. 

Hoist Removal

The mast for the hoist has now been taken down. Its sections will be removed next week. The balcony areas that were adjacent to the hoist will be painted and the railings installed beginning the week of March 16.


We expect the first move-ins to 15 Queens Quay to begin on Tuesday, March 17. Final finishing touches to the main residential lobby are almost complete.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the final phases of construction at 15 Queens Quay East please contact us at: contact@pier27construction.info