Pier 27 Construction Outlook for Spring and Summer, 2020

Key milestones for the remainder of spring
and summer 2020 at Pier 27. 

  • Commercial parking has been consolidated in the north parking lot as of May. 
  • Move ins are occurring up to the 20th floor, and 75% occupancy approval was achieved in May. 
  • Painting balconies is close to complete as of the end of May and areas remaining that require painting will be completed in June.
  • We expect that GFL will continue working on the municipal servicing work along Queens Quay East through mid-June.
  • Canopy painting along the north and west sides of 15 Queens Quay has been completed. 
  • Glass covering for the canopy installation will follow painting. 
  • Move-ins are ongoing every week and will continue through the summer. 
  • Occupancy approval up to 34th floor expected by mid July.
  • Removal of the overhead protection and hoardings along Queens Quay East is expected to occur in the summer.
  • Hardscape landscaping completion is expected by mid-summer. 
  • Plantings and softscape landscaping completed by end of summer 2020.
  • A Public Art piece scheduled for installation later this summer, to be situated over the ramp to the north parking lot. 

This is our final post. It has been our pleasure to provide these construction updates.

We have been providing regular construction updates on work at Pier 27, centred on the construction of 15 Queens Quay East since January 2018. With construction substantially complete, this will be our last construction update. The website will be available until September 2020. However, we will no longer be replying to email inquiries and will not be updating the site.
It is has been our pleasure to provide this service and an honour to work with local residents, property managers, TMG and the site developers. We hope you have safe and enjoyable summer.

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