Phase 3 Construction Overview Mar 19 – 23, 2018

This week work  was scheduled to get underway to remove and reconstruct a section of concrete slab, at grade level, just west of the entrance to the 29 Queen’s Quay parking garage. However, this work is now scheduled to begin next week. Once the existing slab is removed, a new concrete slab will be poured in its place. This week will also see the installation of construction hoardings  and a protected walkway along Queen’s Quay, just north of the Phase 3 tower, is scheduled to start this week Concrete pours continue for the second, third and fourth floors: Second floor Read More

Phase 3 Construction Overview Mar 12 – 16, 2018

This week concrete pours continue for the second and third floors continue; and the first concrete pours for the fourth floor will begin week, such as: Second floor deck pours Monday through Friday. Third floor deck pours Monday and Tuesday. Vertical columns from the third floor to the fourth floor, Monday thru Wednesday. Work on the third floor slab, Wednesday thru Friday. Fourth deck pours Monday through Friday. There will also be work in the Phase 3 underground levels:  On level P1 there will be: Grinding, Installation of Light Fixtures, Installation of sprinkler pipes, and Wiring installation. On level P2 there will Read More

Phase 3 Construction Overview Mar 5 – 9, 2018

This week concrete pours for the third floor slab are scheduled to begin and continue through the week.  Concrete work will also continue in these areas: Remaining vertical columns from the ground floor to the second floor. Pouring mezzanine vertical columns to the 2nd floor. Continuing pouring the second floor vertical columns to the 3rd floor.

Power back on at 29 Queens Quay 7 hours ahead of schedule

We are pleased to confirm that the power is back on at 29 Queens Quay seven hours ahead of schedule. Hot and cold running water is also fully restored after a short, unexpected but necessary interruption this afternoon.  The essential electrical work required to setup the Phase 3 Tower’s permanent power supply has been successfully completed ahead of schedule. On behalf of the development team and the Phase 3 construction managers, thank you to the residents of 29 Queens Quay for your patience and co-operation. 

Progress being made on electrical work, unexpected water shut-off at 29 Queens Quay today

Today’s electrical power shut off at 29 Queen’s Quay has entailed an unfortunate and unexpected water shut-off. The development team and the construction managers want to thank everyone for their ongoing patience and co-operation. The good news is that the crews working on the electrical work are ahead of schedule and we expect the power shutdown and the shutdown that caused unexpected water issue should be resolved ahead of schedule.  We will post an update as soon as we have more information at

REMINDER: Monday, February 12  power shutdown at 29 Queens Quay 8 am to 10 pm

REMINDER: this Monday, February 12  power will be shut down in 29 Queens Quay from 8 am to 10 pm. This shut down is  necessary to enable the setup of the permanent power supply for the Pier 27 Phase 3 tower, 15 Queens Quay East. The construction management team apologizes for this inconvenience and has provided advance notice to your property manager, Board of Directors and through this website.  The electrical work that will be done during the temporary power shutdown is in compliance with the original Pier 27 electrical power delivery design. This permanent solution will replace the temporary Read More

Update: 29 Queen’s Quay P3 & P4 column work will finish Saturday Feb 10

The work column reinforcement that has been underway this week on the P3 and P4 levels at 29 Queens Quay will be completed on Saturday, February 10. To complete the work cews will be working on the P3 level until 8pm tonight, February 9th and will also be working tomorrow, February 10, from 7 am to 2 pm to finish the clean-up. The tenants who have been temporarily parking on P2 can reoccupy their parking sports by 3 pm tomorrow, Saturday February 10th.