Pier 27 Construction Outlook for
Spring and Summer, 2020


Key milestones for the remainder of spring
and summer 2020 at Pier 27. 

  • Commercial parking has been consolidated in the north parking lot as of May. 
  • Move ins are occurring up to the 20th floor, and 75% occupancy approval was achieved in May. 
  • Painting balconies is close to complete as of the end of May and areas remaining that require painting will be completed in June.
  • We expect that GFL will continue working on the municipal servicing work along Queens Quay East through mid-June.
  • Canopy painting along the north and west sides of 15 Queens Quay has been completed. 
  • Glass covering for the canopy installation will follow painting. 
  • Move-ins are ongoing every week and will continue through the summer. 
  • Occupancy approval up to 34th floor expected by mid July.
  • Removal of the overhead protection and hoardings along Queens Quay East is expected to occur in the summer.
  • Hardscape landscaping completion is expected by mid-summer. 
  • Plantings and softscape landscaping completed by end of summer 2020.
  • A Public Art piece scheduled for installation later this summer, to be situated over the ramp to the north parking lot. 

COMPLETED – December 16 – January 24: Completion of ramp to the 15 Queens Quay East underground garage.

COMPLETED – January 13 – January 29: Road widening excavation & clean cap, along the northern section of the site adjacent Queens Quay East.

COMPLETED – February 1 – February 4: Construction of the pedestrian walkway adjacent 15 Queens Quay East.

COMPLETED – December 16 – March 13: Completion of the pedestrian link paving to the Waterfront Toronto Parking Lot, on the west side of 15 Queens Quay East.

COMPLETED – March 7 : Reinstatement of Building D [29 Queens Quay East] Fire Route & Roundabout complete.

COMPLETED – February 24 – March 18: Hoist [External construction elevator] removal from 15 Queens Quay East.

COMPLETED – March 16 – March 30: New pavers and curbs installed for the Building D [29 Queens Quay East] Fire Route & Roundabout complete.

Landscape Plan for Q1 and Q2 work at Pier 27